Basic requirements necessary to rent a vehicle:

1) valid driver's license,
2) credit card with same name/address as listed on driver's license.

Additional requirements are listed at the bottom of this page for cash and debit card renters.

Age limitations:

minimum age is 18.
Rentees aged 18-21 are required to have his or her own insurance policy.
Additional charges will apply for all rentees under 25 years old.

Credit Cards Accepted:

American Express,
Diners Club,
Local residents must have a minimum of $500 available at time of rental.

Return Requirements

Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour period. The rentee must return the vehicle within one hour of the original check-out time. Late fees will apply if the vehicle is not returned on time. In addition, the vehicle should be in "clean" condition; otherwise, an additional cleaning fee will apply.

Refueling Policy:

Rentee must return the vehicle with the same amount of gas as when the vehicle was checked out. Otherwise, a $15 refueling fee plus $3 per gallon charge will be applied.

International Drivers

International drivers licenses are gladly accepted provided the official drivers license of the issuing country is also present.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers on the contract will be charged at $10 per day. The additional driver(s) must qualify for the rental in same fashion as the primary driver on the contract.

Mileage Allowances

Daily - 150 free miles included
Weekly - 1,000 free miles included
Double or unlimited mileage offered at additional cost
Mileage overage charges vary depending on vehicle class - please see contract for details

Travel Restrictions

Renters may drive vehicle within California, Nevada, and Arizona. Written approval is required for travel outside approved areas. Travel outside the US (i.e Mexico) is strictly prohibited.

Free Pickup & Drop-off

We gladly provide courtesy pick-up and drop-off within a 5 mile radius. Minimum 2 day rental required for this service.

Special Rules for Cash Rentals:

Cash deposits or debit cards are accepted provided the additional following documentation is provided:
1) check paystub or other verifiable employment,
2) utility bill or other form of verifiable residence,
3) social security card, and
4) 5 verifiable references.

The amount of the cash deposit will vary depending on the vehicle (minimum $200). Cash renters must pay for the estimated amount of the rental plus the required cash deposit at the time of the rental. An additional $8 per day service fee will apply. Cash deposits will be refunded the next business day in the form of a company check after the vehicle is thoroughly checked for damage. The check can be either mailed or picked up from the office. Allied Rent A Car offices do not carry cash on the premises so please do not ask for cash.

Returning or Extending Contract

1) If the customer fails to return the vehicle on the due date or at any given time that Allied Rent A Car is requesting the vehicle, the car will be reported to the proper authorities as stolen.
2) If the customer needs to keep the vehicle, he or she must call us 1 day in advance to make arrangements to deposit additional payments on the vehicle.
3) The deposit must remain on the contract until the vehicle is returned.
4) The customer may NOT use the deposit as part of the rental.
5) A charge of $15 per day will be applied to the rental for every day the vehicle is late.
6) If the vehicle is repossessed, a charge of $350 will apply.

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